A Non-profit outreach program for the cultural arts


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A Non-profit outreach program for the cultural arts


Our Mission is to Teach… Inspire… Uplift!

Our Goal is to Feed Your Craft

Our Motto is TakeOva Your Dreams

Our Dream is for You to Unlock Yours!

TakeOvaUrDreamz was created by Founders and Artistic Directors Sakinah Lestage and Kiara Ely Medor, whom are both from Atlanta, Georgia. They are two of the most sought out choreographers in the industry. They have been blessed to TakeOva their Dreamz and have a very successful career as Choreographers and Creative Directors in the Entertainment Industry. They’ve been able to dance, compete, and perform all over the world, on stage, on television, in films with so many amazing artists, dance companies, and experience some incredible performances. Their goal is to provide the same opportunities to less fortunate youth and adults aspiring to pursue their passion for the arts. They bring over 30 years combined of teaching, knowledge, experience, and the insight to make your Dreamz come true.

The MISSION of TakeOvaUrDreamz is to cultivate a safe, educational, and fun environment for at risk & disadvantage youth and adults through the art of dance, music, and drama. We strive to teach, inspire, and uplift the cultural arts community with workshops, seminars, performing arts programs, enrichment opportunities, and educational classes.

The VISION of TakeOvaUrDreamz is to share this opportunity with other aspiring dancers, choreographers, artists, and actors that want to pursue their dreams in the professional world of entertainment. They aspire to make the impossible possible for all the young hungry talent that may not have the opportunity, resources, or money to afford.

The COMMITMENT of TakeOvaUrDreamz is to the arts with the enrichment of outreach programs to highest quality of excellence. A safe and fun environment that is educational, loving, and nurturing to all parties.