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Creative Direction | Artist Development | Marketing | Branding


ATLA Artist Academy is bringing a new school approach to artist development. A complete and total enhancement of talent and artistry. Sakinah LeStage and Kiki Ely develop projects through a series of rehearsals, lesson plans and homework. The Artist Academy offers training in movement, choreography, stage presence, performance coaching, photo shoots, styling, fitness, live show vocal lessons, live show production, on & off camera media training and more. A staff of industry experts will work collectively to bring the vision of the artist and their team to reality. Kiki and Sakinah have backgrounds in all different schools of music, allowing them to create and develop award winning artist, shows and add to the overall creative direction of any project.



3- 5 Days of Artist Development including:  5min Show or One Video, Daily Physical Training, Work with Background Dancers, Choreography & Movement Coaching, Daily Homework Assignments



6 - 8 Days of Artist Development including:  Choreography for 30min Show, 2 Viral Videos, Daily Physical Training, Image Consulting, Vocal Lessons, Photo Shoot, Option for Dancers, Daily Homework Assignments



10 - 20 Days of Artist Development including: 5-10min Show, 2 Viral Video shoots, Daily Physical Training, Vocal Assessment & Lessons, Image consulting/Styling, Hair & Make Up, Media Training (TV, Radio, Social Media), Full Photo Shoot, Promo / BTS Edit, Video & mock video shoot, Showcase, Dancers for Showcase, Daily Homework Assignments


What is ATLA Artist Academy?



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Creative Direction

Live Show Creative Direction

Live Show Production

Video Direction and production

Event Production

Set Production

Performance Showcase

Background dancers and singers


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Artist development


Vocal Training

Choreography Training

Live Stage Shows

Performance Showcase

On-camera development

Background dancers & singers Consulting

Song writing classes

marketing | branding

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Marketing | Branding

brand development

social media Consulting

Image Consulting

On-camera development


EPK & Digital marketing materials